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12.04 Ratti- Energized Brazilian Mines Sulemaini Akik (Agate) Gemstone

Gemstone: Agate Substone
Weight in Ratti: 12.04
Weight in Carat: 10.96
Origin: Brazil
Shape: Oval
Cut: Oval
Sku: TISH0082
Certificate: JGL Certified (Jewles and Gems laboratory)
Treatment: No Treatment
Energization: Energized By Acharaya Raman (More than 15 years Experience in Vedic Astrology and Gem Astrology)
Dispatch Time: 2-3 Business Days (5 Days For Jewelry like Ring & Pendant)
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Whatsapp: 82852 82851

Agate is a gift for the people who wants to make their relationships stronger. It makes the bonding stronger and strengthens love in the married couples. It basically is a semiprecious gemstone, which is used mainly as the healing stone. With the increasing fashion of gemstones jewelry, this particular sub stone has become high in demand at the global level.

Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet in ancient times. It was said to quench thirst and protect against fever. Persian magicians used agate to divert storms. A famous collection of two to four thousand agate bowls which was accumulated by Mithridates, king of Pontus, shows the enthusiasm with which agate was regarded. Agate bowls were also popular in the Byzantine Empire. At, we offer an exclusive and handpicked collection of these beautiful alluring gemstones of agate.


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