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Agate Substone

Why should you wear Agate Stone?

This Stone is considered as the gemstone, for luck. This Substone, boosts positive energy in its wearer , which consequently keeps them happy.This stone is also used in the fengshui, according to which this stone should always be placed with a laughing buddhaa and other significant feng shui materials.


Main points to remember when buying Agate Substone:

If Agate has been recommended to you, by an expert than you should be careful that the stone should be of the carat equal to the 1/10th of your Body mass .i.e. if your weight is 70kg, then you will be advised to wear Agate of 7 carat. One can convert the Carat in Ratti. It can be worn as a Ring or a Pendant. One should always check that the stone is free from any kinds of flaws like patches and other kind of damages.

Greatness lies in the fact, that now you can buy this gemstone online, with an ease and best of your comfort, from us!


Main Benefits of Agate Stone:

  1. It is to be believed that wearing agate or possessing agate increases self confidence remarkably. It flushes out the negative energies and removes depressed thoughts, confusion and moody behavior in the wearer.
  2. Adding to above, this stone is also considered as the protective stone and hence is worn for the protection and security. It guards you against the evil eye and does not let any kind of bad & evil spirits harm you. It is the main reason, this stone is preferably kept beside a newborn child by the mother.
  3. The extremely beneficial, Agate Stone acts as a remarkable  source of the positive energy and maintains a balance in life. Keeping this stone in the bedroom ensures  a good sleep and it guards its wearer from the habit of waking up unexpectedly by some shock or bad dream.
  4. Wearing agate makes its wearer more dedicated and focused towards his/her ambitions. It  improves the overall performance at work by boosting the interest towards work & keeping off the useless & negative thoughts. It is an extremely preferable stone to maintain a balance between mind and  heart, which is undoubtedly necessary for a good decisive mind.
  5. Agate is a gift for the people who wants  stronger relationships. It strengthens love in the married couples.


Agate Stone Price:

It is not a very expensive gemstone and neither there is any problem in its procurement. It is available as 150 to 180 rs. per carat ( one can convert it in ratti as 0.91 of 1 carat). At Joyrica, we have a collection of the ready to wear jewellery in the form of ring, bangle etc. can be bought.


Main characteristics of Agate Stone:

The key features of agate as well as, for all the other main gemstones , is dependent on their shape and the color. More is the shine and the color intensity, more would be the characteristic of agate.

If you buy agate for its healing effects, then you have to be really careful that it should be free from damages, should have good lustre and is not used by anyone before. If it is just to be bought for the fashion purpose, then one should not worry much about its key specifics. One can go for a nicely designed agate.


How to procure the natural Agate:

Time has changed drastically, nowadays the gemstones can not only be bought from the jewelers. Nowadays many gem dealers sell artificial jewellery, which can harm you in one or the other way. It is always advised that you buy the gemstones only from the known dealers or the agencies, checking the necessary certifications as well for the gem. It should be from a recognized laboratory.


Why Joyrica?

At Joyrica, our central focus is always to deliver the best and assured natural gemstones. We value our clients and we make sure that we give them the top notch quality in the best way possible, with our best efforts. We deliver one of the preeminent and economical gemstones to the people, enlightening their lives with enhanced luck, wealth and prosperity.