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Amethyst Substone

Who should wear Amethyst Stone?

According to the Indian astrology, this purple colored beautiful stone is related with Saturn (shani) and is one of the most suitable sub stone (upratna) for Blue Sapphire.

Like Blue Sapphire Gemstone, it is also recommended to the people with the sunsign of Aquarius & Capricorn. Wearing Amethyst helps in removing the malefic effects of Saturn (shani) and endows money, respect and good health. This stone is also recommended for the people with the sun sign of Aries, cancer, Leo and Scorpio.


Key benefits of wearing Amethyst Substone:

  1. Its a gemstone of saturn (shani), which is considered to be a planet of law and humanity. Wearing or adopting this stone bestows wealth, respect and mental peace to its wearer. One can wear amethyst to discard the malefic effects caused by the unfavourable positions of Shani (saturn) .i.e. Shani dhaiya, Shani Sadhe Saati and Shani mahadasha( favourable position).
  2. Wearing Amethyst ensures progress in work, as it enhances the thought process of a person and hence enable them to harness the opportunities in thier lives in a better way. This gem makes thw wearer hardworking and he/she attains more dedication towards work & realizes his/her ethical responsibility in a better way.
  3. Diseases related to saturn like arthritis, back bone & other shoulder related problems can be cured by wearing this sub stone.


How to buy Amethyst Stone, Important points to remember:

  1. One should always cross check it's purity before actually buying it. It is always preferred that you buy gemstones from a known dealer & do a proper research on their key details of their finesse, their cut and clarity.
  2. Lab certification for its purity is must, when you buy them for their jyotish remedy despite of their cost being expensive or cheap. It is always beneficial, if you first research on them through internet or take advice from some reputed gem expert like Joyrica.
  3. According to the jyotish vigyaan, one should wear Amethyst stone with the weight equal to the 1/10th of his own weight and take in concern all the other important key instructions, which are also required to be noted in case of buying any other stone as well.
  4. The important points are it should have an excellent shine, should not be damaged and should be free from any scratches and other chemical & heat treatments. According to the Indian astrology, it has been adopted for remedy and the one which is available in Africa is considered to be the most significant one.

Greatness lies in the matter of fact, that now you can buy this gemstone online, with an ease and best of your comfort, from us!


Amethyst Stone Price:

This substone of blue saphhire does not cost much & is also bought in carats and ratti. A Good quality Amethyst costs around 150 to 400 rupees per carat. It is generally suggested to wear a premium Amethyst only, if you are wearing this substone for its astrological significance.


Features of Amethyst Stone:

The main features of Amethyst Jamuniya Stone include its cutting, color and transparency which should particularly be free from any kind of chemical treatments and other kind of wear and tear. Amethyst worn specifically for the astrological purpose should have a deep & rich  purple color and  should be damage free.


How to procure Amethyst:

Synthetic Amethyst is easily available in the market. Because of its attractive & appealing color, it is widely used in the fashion accessories. If you buy it from any online store, you should check its mandatory  lab certificate report,  for its purity and other basic characteristics.


Why Joyrica?

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