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7.25 Ratti - Brazil Mines Energized Peridot JGL Certified

Gemstone: Peridot Stone
Weight in Ratti: 7.25
Weight in Carat: 6.60
Origin: Brazil
Shape: Oval
Cut: Oval
Sku: DOT0007
Certificate: JGL Certified (Jewles and Gems laboratory)
Treatment: No Treatment
Energization: Energized By Acharaya Raman (More than 15 years Experience in Vedic Astrology and Gem Astrology)
Dispatch Time: 2-3 Business Days (5 Days For Jewelry like Ring & Pendant)
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Whatsapp: 82852 82851

The gemstone ruled by Mercury. Those who have Mercury as lord of an auspicious house in their birth chart may find peridots beneficial. Stotra of invocation: Om priyangu kalika syaman, rupena pratimam budham, somyam somya guno petam, tam budham pranamami aham. The rarely found peridots help their wearers practice chastity & are believed to bring spectacular benefits to its wearers.

A pure luxury to possess. Peridot gem beads are present on land in the form of mineral compound produced from the silicate of aluminum beryllium and oxygen which grants light and deep green color to the product. The omnipresent almighty have left it only in the few places making its presence rare and further made it more complex at choosing the coal mines as its residence, which adds further to its luxury.


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