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Cat's Eye (Lehsuniya)

Natural Occurrence of Cat's Eye Gemstone:

Similar to the other precious stones, Cat's Eye Gemstone is also extracted from the mines, which are majorly concentrated in the countries of India, China, Sri lanka, Brazil and Myanmar. It is believed that the stone which is extracted from Myanmar is one of the most premium qualities. 

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Scientific Composition of Cat's Eye Gemstone:

This gemstone is basically aluminate of Beryllium, which shines like that of an eye of a cat in the dark. It has the density of 3.78 and the hardness of 8.50.


Key substitutes Cat's Eye Gemstone:

If you one can not afford this stone, then the best substitutes which one can buy are sangi , godant and godanti. Except these, Dariyaii cats eye or Tiger's eye can also be one of its substitutes.


Benefits of Cat's Eye Stone:

The benefits of cat's eye Gemstone includes, enhanced wisdom and intellect. It is also known to bring materialistic comforts of life in the form of immense wealth in the wearer's life. Cat's eye stone safe guards its wearers from accidents, evil plans of foes and mishaps.

It also saves people from physical weaknesses, impacts of evil spirits and mental imbalances. The effects of cat's eye Gemstone allow people to get in harmony with others and accept their own self. It helps to stabilize emotions, enhances senses and improves people's abilities to deal with challenging situations. 


How to wear Cat's Eye GemStone:

It should be worn on friday in a silver ring.

With the proper recitation ऊं कें केतवे नम: 17,000 times. One should wear it in the midnight in the ring finger preferably in a way that it touches your skin. Wear on Tuesday near sunrise time washed with Gangajal or milk.


Astrological effects of Cat’s eye Stone:

This precious gemstone is known for its supreme quality to keep the negative energies away.


Astrological Benefits of Cat’s eye Gemstone:

For the people, who have Ketu aspecting in the wrong direction, should predominantly be benefitted with the healing powers of cat’s eye.

  1. If Ketu aspects the 2nd,3rd,5th,9th & 10th house in the horoscope.
  2. If Ketu is present with Mangal , Brahaspati or Shukar , then wearing cat’s eye definitely helps.
  3. If Ketu is present with Sun or is aspected from sun
  4. In the horoscope, ketu is the starlord of the sublord of the auspicious planets.
  5. If ketu is present with the starlord of the sublord of the 5th house
  6. In your horoscope, Ketu is present with dhanesh, Bhagyesh or aspects the starlord of the sublord of the 4th house.
  7. In the specific mahadasha and antardasha of ketu
  8. Places and things which are linked with ketu
  9. Ketu aspects the auspicious planets
  10. For the people who are scared or effected from the evil spirits.
  11. The birth defects caused by the ketu are also cured by cat’s eye.


Precautions while wearing Cat's Eye GemStone:

You should not buy the cat's eye, if it appears to be damaged or jinxed. Also to add, one can not wear Ruby Gemstone, Red coral Stone, Pearl Gemstone or Yellow saphhire Gemstone with this stone.