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Lapis Lazuli Stone

Why should you wear Lapis lazuli Stone?

It is considered to be the birthstone for the people who are febuary born. In the vedic astrology, it is a substone of the planet saturn (shani) and belongs to the zodiac sign of sagitaruis. Hence, it is worn for the good effects of saturn (shani) and other main healing properties.

Main benefits of Lapis lazuli Stone:

This particular gemstone is considered to be an epitome of freedom and truthfulness. It improves one’s memory and is proven to be really beneficial for the students in their education. For throat related problems and other voice problems also, it is highly recommended. For the professionals from the field of journalism, education and psychology, it is highly recommended.

Lapis lazuli Stone Price:

This precious substone of blue saphhire is priced at 200-550 rupees per carat in the Indian market. Its cost is directly proportional to its color and luster.

How to buy Lapis Lazuli Stone, important points to remember:

One should always cross check the purity of a gemstone before actually buying it. It is always preferred that you buy the gemstones from a known dealer & do a proper research on their key details of their finesse, their cut and clarity. Lab certification for its purity is must, when you buy them for their jyotish remedy despite of their cost being expensive or cheap. It is always beneficial, if you first research on them through internet or take advice from some reputed gem expert like Joyrica.

Greatness lies in the fact, that now you can buy this stone online, with an ease and best of your comfort, from us!

Key properties of Lapis Lazuli Stone:

Like other precious stones, its basic properties depend on its color and the pattern of cutting. Dark blue colored Lapiz lazuli is considered to be the premium one provided it does not have any brownish or greenish impressions on it.

How to procure Lapis Lazuli Stone:

This famous substone of blue saphhire is found in the large Scale in USA and the soviet union of Russia. With the increasing trend of the gemstones in the jewellry. Because of its attractive & appealing color, it is widely used in the fashion accessories. If you buy it from any online store, you should check its lab certificate report for its purity and other basic characteristics of a gem.

Why Joyrica?

At Joyrica, our central focus is always to deliver the best and assured natural gemstones. We value our clients and we make sure that we give them the top notch quality in the best way possible, with our best efforts. We deliver one of the preeminent and economical gemstones to the people, enlightening their lives with enhanced luck, wealth and prosperity.