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Why should you wear Moonstone?

The Vedic astrology relates this gem with the moon & the sunsign of cancer is related to this gem. However, according to the western astrology, this precious stone is considered as the birthstone for the June month people. It is considered to be extremely beneficial for the professionals who are writer, actor, and musician. It works wonder prominently for the people in the creative fields.

Benefits of wearing the Moonstone:

Extremely beneficial for boosting one’s luck, it prevents its wearer from all the negative demotivating energies. Wearing this charges the sixth indri ( chhatthi indri) & helps in forecasting about any bad accident or any tragedy to happen. It is also extremely beneficial for the problems related to lovelife and the business.

People who are planning any trip or a journey through sea should also wear it as a good omen for thier protection. Undoubtedly it is indeed extremely beneficial for the actors & the people who want to standout from the league, by doing something creative.

Moonstone Price:

On the basis of its beauty, it costs from around 200 rupees to 400 rupees per carat in the Indian market. More would be its shine, compactness & transparency; more would be its cost.

How to buy Moonstone, Important points to remember:

Greatness lies in the fact, that now you can buy this stone online, with an ease and best of your comfort, from us!

Key Properties of Moonstone:

This white colored semi-precious moon stone resembles a pearl. Some of the moonstones produce a blue luster when subjected to light. Except this, it is also available in dark brown and reddish brown color. The unique consistency in its color makes it more exclusive and special comparatively to the other gemstones. One which is semi-transparent or looks like a pearl is considered to be the most expensive one.

How to procure Moonstone?

Best quality moonstone is found in Srilanka, beside which , it has its deep mines in india and myanmar too. But one has to keep this particular thing in his/her mind that the stone would be surely natural, as many stones are made in a synthetic way nowadays. One can easily buy it online, in the form of a ring or a bracellet , but do check its quality certificate.

Why Joyrica?

At Joyrica, our central focus is always to deliver the best and assured natural gemstones. We value our clients and we make sure that we give them the top notch quality in the best way possible, with our best efforts. We deliver one of the preeminent and economical gemstones to the people, enlightening their lives with enhanced luck, wealth and prosperity.