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6.25 Ratti/ 5.68 Ct - Natural And Energized Sunstone Gemstone JGL Certified

Gemstone: Sunstone
Weight in Ratti: 6.25
Weight in Carat: 5.69
Origin: Brazil
Shape: Oval
Cut: Oval
Sku: TISS0003
Certificate: JGL Certified (Jewles and Gems laboratory)
Treatment: No Treatment
Energization: Energized By Acharaya Raman (More than 15 years Experience in Vedic Astrology and Gem Astrology)
Dispatch Time: 2-3 Business Days (5 Days For Jewelry like Ring & Pendant)
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Whatsapp: 82852 82851

Owing a Sunstone is an absolute luxury. Its rarity and a unique transparency make it more valuable. More premiums, the quality of the stone, higher would be its impact. It has always been advised to wear a premium quality stone only, in order to have the best effects.

This beautiful gemstone which comes with a spectacular luster like that of a sun has been widely used by the mankind in many varieties of the jewelry. It is also among the main sub stones of ruby. It is usually found in the green, blue and white shade. The gemstone of sun, this stone is mainly worn by the people who belong to the zodiac of Pisces, Leo and Libra. Similar to Ruby, this stone also pacifies stress and mental imbalances. One of the best sub stone of ruby, which helps its wearer by bestowing him/her with positive energy and increasing his/her self-respect in the society.


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