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Opal Stone

Why should your wear Opal Stone:

It is related to Venus and brings about the benefits of Venus to the wearer. if you aren't getting any help from Venus, this stone is highly recommended. The other major conditions , in which this stone is highly recommended are:

If Venus is the lord of the 3rd, 8th, or the 12th house, then wearing an Opal is a bad idea for you as it wil effect your behavior in such a way that you may not be able to concentrate well.

Main benefits of wearing Opal Gemstone:

Considering the healing therapy and the other major effects of Opal - you will have a good status and reputation in society,

Opal Stone Price:

It is an extremely expensive stone, which is mostly used in jewellery. In the Indian market, this stone is priced at the rate of 600 rs. to 1500 rs. per carat. Some tanzanite stones are extremely lustrous and are very clear, with the range of the cost as 10.000 rs. to 12,000 rs. per carat.

Main points to remember, when buying Opal stone:

If Opal has been recommended to you, by an expert than you should be careful that the stone should be of the carat equal to the 1/10th of your Body mass .i.e. if your weight is 70kg, then you will be advised to wear Opal of 7 carat. One can convert the Carat in Ratti. It can be worn as a Ring or a Pendant. One should always check that the stone is free from any kinds of flaws like patches and other kind of damages.

Key feature of Opal Substone:

The main characteristics of Opal stone, depends on its color and its cost varies accordingly. White colored Opal is always considered as the costliest one and the stone which has pale white color has the average qualities.

How to procure Opal stone

Time has changed drastically, nowadays the gemstones can not only be bought from the jewelers , as nowadays many gem dealers sell artificial jewellery, which can harm you in one or the other way. It is always advised that you buy the gemstones from the known dealers or the agencies only, checking the necessary certifications as well for the gem. It should be from a recognised laboratory.

Why Joyrica?

At Joyrica, our central focus is always to deliver the best and assured natural gemstones. We value our clients and we make sure that we give them the top notch quality in the best way possible, with our best efforts. We deliver one of the preeminent and economical gemstones to the people, enlightening their lives with enhanced luck, wealth and prosperity.