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Why should you wear Sunstone :

The leadership gemstone of optimism and good will, is worn by people who lack confidence and ability to lead. These characteristics will become clearer when we get to relate ourselves with its properties. In this sense, let us mention a couple of more of its features which are : Lifting up fears & Stress; enhancing vitality; promoting independence and originality, and bringing good luck.

Main benefits of wearing Sunstone:

Similar to Sun, this stone bestows its wearer with courage, power and sharp mind. Adding to its qualities, it  alleviates stress and  enhances mental stability. This stone, is reccomended due to the main characterstic of bringing  positive energy in one’s life.

Sunstone Price:

This specific stone is priced at the rate of  200 rs. to 500 rs. per carat. Higher is its shine and the transparency, higher would be its cost.

Main points to remember, when buying this stone:

If Sunstone has been recommended to you, by an expert than you should be careful that the stone should be of the carat equal to the 1/10th of your Body mass .i.e. if your weight is 70kg, then you will be advised to wear Onyx of 7 carat. One can convert the Carat in Ratti. It can be worn as a Ring or a Pendant. One should always check that the stone is free from any kinds of flaws like patches and other kind of damages.

Greatness lies in the fact, that now you can buy this stone online, with an ease and best of your comfort, from us!

Key features:

The sunstone, which is deep orange in its color, is considered to be of the highest quality. Except from this fact, the essential properties like its deep orange color and transparency , determines its astrological impacts. Higher is the consistency in the color, higher would be its effectiveness.

How to procure Moonstone?

Time has changed drastically, nowadays the gemstones can not only be bought from the jewelers. Nowadays many gem dealers sell artificial jewellery, which can harm you in one or the other way. It is always advised that you buy the gemstones only from the known dealers or the agencies, checking the necessary certifications as well for the gem. It should be from a recognised laboratory.

Why Joyrica?

At Joyrica, our central focus is always to deliver the best and assured natural gemstones. We value our clients and we make sure that we give them the top notch quality in the best way possible, with our best efforts. We deliver one of the preeminent and economical gemstones to the people, enlightening their lives with enhanced luck, wealth and prosperity.