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Turquoise Substone

Why should your wear Turquoise Stone:

According to the western astrology, this particular stone is considered to be the birth stone for the Sagittarius people. In the Vedic jyotish, it has been referred to as the substone which belong to the Jupiter and the birthstone for the people of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign. This particular substone is linked with the beneficial effects of the planet Jupiter, which are self-respect, wealth, good health and wisdom.

Main Benefits of wearing Turquoise stone:

Related with the benefice effects of the planet Jupiter, this particular stone is an extremely beneficial for the people , as it bestows them with more respect, success & leisure in life. People, who are studying, should wear this particular sub-stone to achieve good benefits, particularly the people who are advocates. It is extremely beneficial for the people, who want to get rid of the diseases linked with liver, kidneys and obesity.

Turquoise stone Price:

This particular stone costs around 175 rs. to 700 rs. per carat. The turquoise stone which is found in the country of Iran has been considered to be the best. Apart from it, the blur turquoise which we get to see in India, they come from America and Tibet, which have less shine and cost comparatively.

Main points to remember, while buying Turquoise stone:

One should always cross check the purity of a gemstone before actually buying it. It is always preferred that you buy the gemstones from a known dealer & do a proper research on their key details of their finesse, their cut and clarity. Lab certification for its purity is must, when you buy them for their jyotish remedy despite of their cost being expensive or cheap. It is always beneficial, if you first research on them through internet or take advice from some reputed gem expert like Joyrica. According to the jyotish vigyaan, one should wear this stone with the weight equal to the 1/10th of his own weight and take in concern all the other important key instructions, which are also required to be noted in case of buying any other stone as well. The important points are it should have an excellent shine, should not be damaged and should be free from any scratches and other chemical & heat treatments. According to the Indian astrology, it has been adopted for remedy and the one which is available in Africa is considered to be the most significant one.

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Features of Turquoise stone:

Transparency, shape and quality are the main intrinsic features of this stone. More dense and consistent is the color and shine, higher would be the price of this stone.

How to procure Turquoise stone:

Synthetic turquoise is present in large quantities in the market. Because of its attractive & appealing color, it is widely used in the fashion accessories. If you buy it from any online store, you should check its lab certificate report for its purity and other basic characteristics of a gem.

WHY Joyrica:

We offer only lab certified gemstones to our customers. Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, we make sure that our customers have a delighted experience when they shop from us.